Juncus pallidus (Pale Rush). Family: Juncaceae (p.12).

Late Spring to early Summer. Pale green cylindrical flower stems, 1-1.6m tall and
more than 4mm diameter (compared to J.australis and J.gregiflorus 1-3mm
diameter). Culm soft when pressed, pith inside culm continuous and white-cottony
(J.australis and J.gregiflorus have interrupted pith - obvious air spaces - pictured below).
Flowers clusters in a longish (to 10cm) branching flowerhead situated towards
a pointed tip of the culm. Green to pales brown leaves reduced to a 10-20cm
basal sheath (pictured below). Near water or seasonally inundated creeklines.
This plant noticed by Ern Perkins at the APSVic Quarterly Meeting - Nov 8, 2008.

Juncus pallidus - 5mm wide culm with          Other Juncus sp.- narrow (1-3mm) culm
continuous, white-cottony pith                with interrupted pith (air spaces)

Juncus pallidus - leaves reduced to basal sheath,
green then pale brown with age.

Juncus pallidus flowerhead - note also the bluish-green/pale culm.