Geranium sp. aff. potentilloides (Geranium). Family: Geraniaceae (p.46).


Geranium potentilloides usually has single flowers (all other Geraniums have flowers
often in pairs), soft short hairs usually pressed against the stem, and at least some
leaves with a purplish underside. The plant pictured here is similar except it is
covered with long, soft, spreading hairs (not pressed against the stem). The photo
below right was taken on Barrm Birrm on Oct 1 2008 and was thought at that time
to be different to those presented in the book. The above photo and bottom left
photo were taken on Mt Teneriffe (Oct 23) where it was IDed by Lynlee Tozer
as being a plant likely to be separated to a new species.

Mt Teneriffe                              Barrm Birrm