Drosera peltata subsp. peltata (Pale Sundew). Family: Droseraceae (p.42).

On p.42 of the book Drosera peltata subsp. auriculata is presented. Subsp. auriculata
occurs almost exclusively north of the Cemetery. The subsp. peltata dominates in and
south of the cemetery. Subsp. peltata differs in being generally shorter (not always)
and often quite squat with denser covering of the modified leaves, leaves often yellowish.
The most definitive difference is that the sepals immediately beneath the flower are very
hairy compared to glabrous sepals of subsp. auriculata (both pictured below for comparison).
Drosera peltata subsp. peltata flowers mid-late Spring (can be later).

Drosera peltata subsp. peltata                        Drosera peltata subsp. auriculata
(hairy sepals)                                        (glabrous sepals)

Drosera peltata subsp. peltata - basal leaves.
Subsp. peltata usually has basal leaves present.
Subsp. auriculata usually has no basal leaves present.